Let the party begin

Here is a festival that considers that photography is a weapon loaded with the future and that a verotype can be a verotapia. A place where you can find from photos of Avedon to the image of a five-year-old girl, which is the same world seen with a similar emotion. We want there to be artistic creation in the streets of Barbastro, something that was lost with Julieta Always, and to be able to take the photograph to the street to show what seems important to us, what moves us or, simply, to see the darkness that is around. of a candle.

Then come the questions. There will be exhibitions like Twenty eight that force a ritual or workshops such as  Possible worlds y The heart of an image that constitute the formation in a poster whose main claim is to want to take photos and learn to look. Magnificent exhibitions, night screenings, talks or a public viewing of portfolios in which a jury will talk about what the photographic projects teach and what they hide.

Possibly more photos were taken yesterday than in the entire nineteenth century, but that photographic incontinence is of little use if you don't understand what you are doing. It is necessary to search within the images to know who we are and what is happening. Things always happen. A festival, for example.