Things are strange

In Barbastro-Foto we have also suffered cuts: from now on we are called BFOTO. Well, that's why, and just in case, those from Barcelona want to do a photography festival. Because if we are in June, this is BFOTO.

For several months, a few incorrigible people program this festival and say that it is for hunting lions in Scotland. You know: if there are no lions in Scotland, there will be no festival either. It is difficult, because betting on photography in the times when the humanities are doing the walk has much of a bridge over the River Kwai. And if it is done in a small town and focuses on emerging photography, you can easily doubt its continuity. Unless there are lions in Scotland. That is when the festival can be three years old, continue to defend emerging photography, street activities, the participation of city schools or training workshops. This year we have a motto that articulates the festival: things are strange. It is because of the great Duane Michals and because we are that cosmopolitan: the universal is only the local without walls. And talking about things that are strange is talking about the world, everything that exists, what we look at even though it has not yet been photographed. It is talking about others because, up close, nobody is normal.

In Barbastro the photographs take the streets during the month of June. Fear not, they are harmless. If the emergent is also prioritized, what is born and what comes out, what emerges to be looked at, it can be a lot of fun. By removing the stigma of understanding, one can look at things with the same freshness with which you first saw a fish fly. If you park your mobile phone for a while you will see that there are other worlds, even if they are in this one, while you see that looking at photos we are only castaways who have tasted the sea water. The magic of photography returns, BFOTO begins.