• ANTÓN CASTRO. Barbastro Foto, BFoto, organized by the Barbastro Photographic and Image Association (AFIB), in just five years has become a reference city for photography. In a city in a permanent state of shock, search and emulsion. It offers continuous bets on themes, exhibitions, workshops and conferences. Spaces are used to the maximum and debates, points of view, social gatherings of creation and coexistence are generated. El Vero is the best mirror for young creators, those uncomfortable ones who in Barbastro are called emerging. They could also be rebels of light, image hunters or researchers of the visual concept, because there is everything ...

  • ANTONIO LACHÓS. The rural child has left us, predicted the father after the birth, while the mother began to cry inconsolably. And with that original sin the path of life began. Many centuries of indoctrination, of assumption of roles allow the uncritical acceptance of a story that makes possible a certain intellectual status quo, as if the behavior of the inhabitants of the city were studied from sociology and that of peoples from ethology ... .