Photography: Lucas Damiani & Sara Coelho. Recycling, Emerging BFOTO

Has symptomatic


Maybe he has not found out, but there has been a pandemic. A pandemic is when people don't leave home without having a hangover. The hangover comes after something, not before anything, like now. What it is now I no longer explain because it makes me look like Saint Augustine and it is always better to believe than to know. Know, know ... the brothers-in-law and the radio announcers, worth the redundancy, that without you they are nothing. Do not come up: it is audience, not love. The brothers-in-law, I say. Love, oh love, with the songs that we carry ...

And now that everyone knew what was going to happen, we will confess that the motto is from before, from the day we saw that the developer had expired. And is that life was serious. Okay, something like that can only occur to analog people. To clarify, the dominoes and the postmen and digital amazon and the political offices are analogical. The analog world is that world from before, when kids played in the streets, there were popeyes lemon and John Wayne wore a hat. A very old site. Tolstoi already said that the biggest surprise in a man's life is old age, although digital people don't even smell it, while analogue ones are jibarizing their idea of ​​eternity by verifying that they are pulling closer and closer ...

Meanwhile, bars and screens have been filled with virus experts - once national soccer coaches - a breakthrough for mask sellers and telecommunications companies. In this context, it is urgent to prioritize what is important and what is not, it would be missing more. What you want is important, from the onion in the potato omelette to its unforgettable Affair with Marlon Brando. Culture is secondary and / or expendable, since it does not rain or we are confined, so photography, the late and eternally questioned daughter of the first, can become as strange as opening a door with the elbow. Despite everything there are symptoms. Huge minorities. People who believe that cultural stakes exist despite the circumstances. That they have never been in love because they have always been waiters, that they revere Glenn Gould's chair, or that they have simply been bitten by a bug. For them it is this anomalous summer photography festival, where the physical will prevail over the virtual and we will try to do the usual, like never before. This befotera edition will be a bit strange: in August, shorter and much of it outdoors at night. Let's see if we see each other, that the pixel also comes out.

Photo: Pilara Vicien. Afib Collective - Bfoto


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